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I Have A Secret

I run escort agencies in exotic locations around the world. I work to represent some of the most beautiful and sensually sexy women in the world. And my clients are wealtjy men who are looking to add excitement to their lives. They are often men who can have anything that they want and are willing to pay for it. Often the clients have drugs present when they are meeting the ladies that I represent. I spend many hours every day talking to rich men and beautiful young women about sex and sexual fantasies. None of that is secret though, all of that is just my day job. So if I am willing to talk happily about that, what another could my secret be? If I am happy to be open about all of that stuff, what secrets could I be keeping? The answer is as easy as it is unexpected. Most of my days are quite dull.

But how can that be with what I just described? Hang on, let me go through a little check list of what most people fantasise about when they think of glamour. Exotic locations? Yes. Absolutely. If you want to sell to wealthy clients, go where wealthy people play. Beautiful women who spend their lives glamorously dressed and look fabulous all the time? Definitely. Women do not come more fabulous and glamorous than the kind of girl who escorts Marbella gentlemen. Rich and powerful men? All the time baby. And they tell us all about their sexual fantasies and desires. Glamorous nightclubs and VIP rooms? Sure, anywhere I want any time I want, with anyone I want to take with me.

So how can that be boring? Well it is really simple really. It is a job. I am working. And like any job, most dats are pretty much the same. The only time it gets exciting is when something goes wrong. And since we work very hard to make sure that as few things can go wrong as possible, there is not that much excitement. But surely all the sex talk must be interesting? Hearing peoples most secret and lurid fantasies and desires? Well, the first couple of times you hear a man that is well known all over the world say that what he really wants is for a young woman to pee on his face it is stunning and exciting. The sixth time, it is pretty mundane. After a few years? Erm, just another day in the office.