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Encountering Leeds Male Escorts For the First Time

It sounds a little discomforting for me to make this confession but I must say it anyways. I just learned about Leeds male escorts a few days ago. I believed I was more shocked than you are now reading this. To think that I have spent twenty-something years in this city and only realising this – which I think every other person already knows – is embarrassing. I bet you must be asking yourself what I have been doing all these years. The answer is simple; reading a whole lot of academic stuff and lots of novels and whatever is left is spent in the gym or with a bunch of loud guys who talk about academics and tincture of relationship. We all aim to be somebody great in the society and we have been made to believe that you can only get there through reading.


Many times we learn the most from the least expected people. In my case, it was the newspaper man. Well, by virtue of his job, it should not be surprising if he knew a little of everything – and we all should strive to know a little of everything – but I never thought of him in that light. I always equated him to an errand boy who would go where he is asked, when he is asked with no questions asked. Normally, he would bring the papers, leave them at the doorpost and walk away. It was a subscription newspaper so he brought them regularly as long as my subscription ran. It was the same newspaper man that was in charge of my neighbourhood as well as a few other neighbourhoods.


This certain day, I was already on my way out and our path crossed on the walkway. He was bustling with a smile and greeted me warmly. I replied, trying to match the level of enthusiasm in his voice. He handed over the copy of my newspaper to me I thanked him. He turned to leave but after a short, while he walked back to me while I was still standing there trying to read the headlines – newspaper house have a terrible way of captioning news so that sometimes it looks like something else.


“Sir,” he said.

I raised my head from the paper and fixed my gaze on him.

“I would be quitting this job a week today”, he said.

“Why? If I may ask”

“I want to go back to my previous job

“Which is?” I retorted

“Leeds male escort”

“What is that?” I asked, obviously surprised and lost in wonder.


He smiled for a short while and then began to narrate his ordeal, why he left Leeds male escorts for ethical reasons even though it paid him better than a newspaperman. He was on the brink of losing custody of his kids to the government. He rambled about a lot of family problems but there were not my concern. I was rather keen on knowing about this male escort he had mentioned.


“Sorry, this male escort, how does it work?” I cut him short when I was tired of listening to his lamentations.


“Oh!” he said and like a patient teacher began to explain himself again. I did not intend the conversation but my curiosity stretched it on for close to an hour. According to him, he preferred venturing into things he is in love with that makes him happy – and I think it is a very good philosophy, do only what makes you happy, but I must add, not to the detriment of the law.


As I walked to my office, I was excited. I jumped onto the Internet and did further research and was further thrilled by the different categories there are to male escorting. It has become a tradition for my friends and me to share the new knowledge we have acquired each time we met. I had something new to share and could not wait for the next gathering. I consumed more and more articles on male escorting and further narrowed the materials I read to Leeds male escorts.


In the gathering, when it was my turn to introduce new Idea I was enthusiastic,


“Who knows about Leeds male escorts?” I asked.

All hands went up. I felt embarrassed.